Ceramic Fiber Board

Ceramic Fiber Board and Vacuum Shaped Products are made by different fire-resistant fibers, non-organic and few organic adhesive mixed in different percentages. The use temperature of these products can be varied from 1000℃ to 1800℃.


High temperature stability, good performance against heat shock and erosion.

Low heat capacitance, low thermal conductivity.

Hard and high internal adhesive strength allow it with good performance for machining and cutting.

Can have direct contact with flame, easy for installation and use.

Application scope:

Heat insulation for back lining of high temperature industrial furnace

Hot surfaces of industrial furnaces, electric furnaces, porcelain furnace, heat treatment furnace, mechanical and metallurgical heat furnace

Combustion chamber construction

Ceramic industry (kiln linings, kiln car insulation)

Glass industry (Glass tank wall, side, end wall and port neck insulation)

Ducts insulation

As heat shields and insulation for furnace door

Back up in steel ladle and torpedo cars

Backup insulation to dense refractories

Expansion joint material

Flue and chimney linings

Runner troughs

As a noncombustible material for building structures

Glass industry

Piping heat insulation, common heat resisting material

Other high temperature insulation


Main Performance

                                                                                Product Grade
Grade1000 Board1260 Board1400 Board1600 Board1700 Board1800 Board
Classification Temperature° C100012601430160017001800
Max Working Temperature° C90011001300155016501800


                                                                            Chemcial Composition
Grade1000 Board1260 Board1400 Board1600 Board1700 Board1800 Board
A l 2 O 3%40.14452647085
S iO 2%54.35447352914


                                                                                       Physical Properties
Grade1000 Board1260 Board1400 Board1600 Board1700 Board1800 Board
Densityk g / m 3250250250350400400

Thermal Conductivity
W/(m. K)

400° C0.
600° C0.
800° C0.
1000° C0.
1200° C0.280.280.28
1400° C0.320.340.34
Linear Shrinkage
( ° Cx24H)
%900 ° C—1.31100 ° C—1.11300 ° C—1.61500 ° C—1.31600 ° C—0.71700 ° C—0.6
Modulus of Rupturek g /c m 2555233






                                                                                        Available Size
1000 Board1012.515202530405060708090100600100010001200


1260 Board1012.515202530405060708090100600100010001200
1400 Board1012.515202530405060708090100600100010001200
1600 Board25506009001000
1700 Board25506009001000
1800 Board25506009001000
Ceramic Fiber Board & Vacuum Form Shapes Can Been Customized Any Size and Shapes

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