About Insurance for Products

Perfect packing and shipping can’t always guarantee the safety of the products, according to our statistics, more than 99.5% of our international orders finally arrived in good shape, but there are still some conditions we can’t control at the moment, so this is final solution for unexpected lose or crash during shipping in order to make our customers 100% covered even if there is a little risk of 0.5% . Please ignore this part if the value of your products ( not including shipping cost) is more than $1000, we will buy an insurance contract at our cost for your order.

And this part is especially for the order with fragile products and small quantity, for example, orders of Mosi2 Heating Elements with quantity of less than 10 pcs. Although they are with high quality and reliable packing, the material of Mosi2 heaters decide that they are fragile, so the less of the quantity of the order is, the higher risk there will be! So we strongly suggest customers order Mosi2 Heaters with small quantity buy an insurance contract for their orders.

Attention please: make sure record a short video during  your unpacking the case of your order, and it will be a useful proof for Insurance claims. We may need your cooperation to get some documents from carrier, such as Proof of cargo damage and Claims list. We can arrange another shipment or compensation in advance then. And the following is an example of insurance for heating elements:

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